Sick and reading stats on a Saturday afternoon 😩


It’s a “Sam Smith” kind of night.
#drivingwithmyleftlegonthegearbox #longday #cantpostthisonfacebookcuzthenthemomwillseeit

My view for the night on the 35th floor. πŸ—Ό

I’m one tiny step closer to adventure! 🐠✨

Tonight’s agenda. 😍 #israelhoughton #praisingHimtogether

With the help of a cute aunty who’s already in her 70’s, I got to dye my hair with organic Henna hair dye only for MYR 35! Can’t wait to see how it looks like in another 2 hours! πŸ˜πŸ’ #izokayeventhoilooklikeanalien

Bless people, build friendships, pray and provide for the needy;
THEN only preach the gospel.

Amen to that.

Had an amazing encounter with God earlier today. I spoke in tongues, (I didn’t fall, but) my legs were shaking uncontrollably for a good 30 minutes. I know it was the Holy Spirit working through me, and as I continued to pray in tongues, I felt my heart became lighter and lighter, and it was filled with peace and joy. The more I prayed, the more I did not want to stop. Oh yes I cried, but it was tears of happiness and thanksgiving. This was the first time where I was able to truly open my heart and surrender to Him, and the experience is beyond words — so much love, so much grace, so much joy.

The best part was when Pastor laid his hand on me and prayed for me, he release what he received from God, and this was what he said:

"Creativity. God has given you a very creative mind, so use it for the glory of God".

This is the first time God has spoken to me. I mean, He has been speaking to me through verses and through the little promptings I get, but He has never spoken to me this clearly through someone else.Β 

And so I asked God: "Creative? … In what?" and the first thing that popped into mind right after was "Music" and "Worship". Then immediately I broke into tears. God is reassuring what He planted in my heart last year is real — that I am to worship Him, with music, and with this creative mind that He has blessed me with.

Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men.”


Mom & I on my birthday; mom & I on her birthday. πŸ˜™πŸ’—


蛋糕 ❀️~ *ο½₯γ‚œοΎŸο½₯ (*οΎŸβ–½οΎŸ*) ο½₯γ‚œοΎŸο½₯*

Trust not in men, for men fails,
disappoints, and turns against you before you know it; but place thy faith in God, for God is faithful, He fulfills each and every one of His promises, His mercy and grace is everlasting, and His love never fails. #reminderoftheday

A time when I can actually justify getting new shoes (cuz this time it’s a necessity) — “want” = “need” 😝 #notlying